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Three tracks for new game done!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started working on a new game (hereafter referred to as “Project SMR”). While I won’t be able to share the tracks with you as I’m writing and completing them, I’d like to update the blog as I progress nonetheless.

I currently working on the character themes for the character select screen. Each character’s theme is vastly different from the next, so it’s been a good exercise in versatility for me. I’m writing in styles I generally don’t write in and it’s been a fun challenge for me. I’m also learning more about my software and plugins, since mixing with instruments I’m not as familiar with requires a different approach than I’m used to. I generally will “complete” a mix, and move on to the next track. After I complete that track, I realize that the mix is vastly better than the previous track’s mix, so I have to go back and bring that track up to par with the new one. It’s kind of a time-consuming cycle, but I’m learning more as I go, and eventually I’ll get it right the first time and won’t have to backtrack…hopefully.

I’ve finished three themes so far will start the next one this weekend.

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New Project!

Quite a few years back I had spoken with some friends back home in Michigan about making a game. While we hammered out a concept and a few ideas, in the end it never got made. Since then all of us have gone on with our separate lives. However, everyone has been continuously improving their creative skills through college, personal and professional projects, and other experiences. This past March we started discussing the possibility of actually making the game we had discussed all that time ago. I’m happy to announce that we are hard at work on making our first game.

I can not disclose any details on the game at this point, but it’s a great concept and will be a ton of fun. There’s a core team of five people at this point, but we’ll be bringing on more people as the need arises. I am one of two composers on the team who will be writing the score for the game. I just finished my first piece, a character theme, last night.

As I progress through the process I’ll update this blog. Once I can safely share some details about the game, I will. But it won’t be for quite a while as we are in the very early stages of production at this point and have to keep everything secret for now.

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“A Small Hope”

A friend of mine recently remarked that some of my compositions have a few too many instruments. I admit, I love writing a lot of parts. It’s challenging and really helps build interesting textures. However, I considered his comment and set off to write a piece with a small number of instruments. This piece contains strings (basses, cellos, violas, and violins), flute, oboe and guitar. All the instruments are from 8Dio. Chris and I both use and love their stuff! I wanted the strings to play dynamic chords while the woodwinds accompanied with floating melody and beautiful harmony. The guitar comes in during the third section to play picked chords over swelling strings that carry the piece to it’s end. I like the way this piece turned out and will try to write more music with fewer instruments from time to time.

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