Three tracks for new game done!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started working on a new game (hereafter referred to as “Project SMR”). While I won’t be able to share the tracks with you as I’m writing and completing them, I’d like to update the blog as I progress nonetheless.

I currently working on the character themes for the character select screen. Each character’s theme is vastly different from the next, so it’s been a good exercise in versatility for me. I’m writing in styles I generally don’t write in and it’s been a fun challenge for me. I’m also learning more about my software and plugins, since mixing with instruments I’m not as familiar with requires a different approach than I’m used to. I generally will “complete” a mix, and move on to the next track. After I complete that track, I realize that the mix is vastly better than the previous track’s mix, so I have to go back and bring that track up to par with the new one. It’s kind of a time-consuming cycle, but I’m learning more as I go, and eventually I’ll get it right the first time and won’t have to backtrack…hopefully.

I’ve finished three themes so far will start the next one this weekend.

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