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Making the Transition and Setting goals

I’ve been reading some posts on composer Russell Bell’s blog. Since I am right in the middle of a career transition (or trying my hardest to transition) this is just what I needed to read.

Russell Bell Music | Ramblings from the coal face

A good friend of mine asked me recently about making a transition from one career to the next. This is something i can speak of and i think there is a core element of this movement that negates any previous vocation or position. That is to say, it doesnt matter what you’re currently doing, it matters where you want to end up.

Ill briefly explain where i was and then where i have ended up hoping that in some way, my words make some sense for you.I longed to be a composer for as long as i recall. Actually thats a lie, i wanted to be an active musician/ music maker in some capacity no matter what it took. So at the age of 15, we had a very special thing happen upon us at our secondary school.

We had a professional recording studio built onto the school. I mean…

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