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Two brand new compositions!

“Path of the Triumphant”

A cinematic piece that begins with an intimate, mysterious piano motif played over light orchestral percussion. This segues into a brief tension filled string section which then resolves into a full triumphant orchestral finale. As the final notes of the orchestra fade the piece ends as it began with the piano motif played once more.



“The Fine Print”

A somewhat experimental piece for me in a kind of jazz style. Featuring three guitars, bass guitar, a jazz kit, piano, vibraphone, trumpet, and french horn.



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“Super VG Christmas Party” compilation album!

BIG NEWS!!! I’m happy to finally announce that I will have a track featured in an upcoming compilation album called “Super VG Christmas Party”.

From the official page:
“A collection of all-new winter and yuletide video game covers. Coming December 2014!”

I want the track I chose to arrange to be a surprise for when the album comes out, but I’ll let you know it’s from an RPG composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

So, everyone, please “like” the official Facebook page for the album (link below) and keep a look out for the release in December!

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