“Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?!” will be at Tokyo Game Show 2015!

I’m thrilled to announce that Michael Brandse and I will be at this year’s Tokyo Game Show to showcase our game “Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?!”. We have a booth in the Indie Game Area for two days, September 19th and 20th. We’ll have a five level demo, both English and Japanese versions, for you to play. If you have plans to go to TGS this year, be sure to stop by our booth and try it out.

To celebrate, I’d like to share an array of artwork and screenshots, including a first look at the front and back cover of the soundtrack that will be released the same day the game goes on sale (date still to be determined).

I will be sure to take lots of pictures at TGS and share those here later.

Special shout out to Robert Brown (http://www.rbsounddesign.com) who made all of the sound effects for the game and unfortunately won’t be able to be at the show with us.

Cover_2100x2100 Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest Original Soundtrack Back Cover MF_28072015_C MF_28072015_B MF_28072015_A MF_28072014_F  MF_28072014_D MF_28072014_C MF_28072014_B Magic-Forest_2

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