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Tribute Album 64 is out!

After months of hyping this album, Tribute Album 64 is finally out! Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo 64 with nearly five hours of video game covers…completely FREE to download! Over 200 musicians from around the world have teamed up to bring you 87 all-new tracks in this massive compilation album.

I arranged Grant Kirkhope’s “Institute Menu” from Perfect Dark. He even gave it some love on Twitter (see image below).

Download this massive album for FREE right here!


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New 16bit SNES-style track!

A couple of months ago the director of an RPG I’m writing the soundtrack for pitched an idea he had for a future game he wants to make. It is to be an RPG in a classic 16bit, Super Nintendo style. Although the game isn’t even in production yet, I decided to write a track using only authentic SNES sounds as a way to practice that style. This was a lot of fun to write and I hope we actually end up making this game. I’d love to write an entire soundtrack using only SNES sounds!

The track is called “Through the Bitslum!”. It has the feel of a slum district of an RPG city to me. Take a listen to here:

“Through the Bitslum!”