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ikenie now on Steam!

ikenie has just officially launched on Steam!

ikenie is a 2D action-adventure/puzzle game for PC featuring challenging gameplay, unique mechanics, multiple endings, seven Steam achievements and an original soundtrack composed by yours truly!

Grab the game on Steam now for $4.99.

You can also pick up the ikenie Original Soundtrack for only $2 from my Bandcamp page. (URL below)…/ikenie-original-sou…

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Releasing a game on Steam is a really big moment for us and we’re excited that you’ll finally be able to play the game. Enjoy!


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“Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?!” and “ikenie” have been Greenlit!

HUGE NEWS! Both Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?! and ikenie have just been Greenlit on Steam! We are in the process now of finalizing the games to get them ready to be purchased and played. I want to thank everyone for their support throughout this process (which was excruciatingly long – but, hey, that’s the life of small indie teams, I guess). Since ikenie has been on sale on for a while now, the ikenie Original Soundtrack has already been available on Bandcamp, but now I’ll finally be able to release the Why is the Princess in a Magic Forest?!  Original Soundtrack as well. As readers of this blog will know, that was the very first game soundtrack that I composed. The fact that the game and the soundtrack are finally about to be released is such a huge moment for me. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and love for composing music. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a composer since I wrote the six pieces of music on that soundtrack, but they remain special to me since it was the first time I actually wrote music that was to be used in an actual video game. I really hope you enjoy both of these games and their music!

Ikenie and Magic Forest Greenlit

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Interview in AJET Connect magazine!

I’m excited to announce that I was interviewed in this month’s special art issue of AJET Connect Magazine. The interview starts on page 22!

AJET Connect Magazine

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ikenie is on Steam Greenlight!

Back in August I wrote the soundtrack for a game called “ikenie” that was created in just one month for the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest (IGMC). Since the contest ended, the developer (Akumu Games), has been working on getting it ready for a commercial release. There are new levels, bosses, updated mechanics, controller support, and many other enhancements. I’ve also composed a new piece of music called “Death Manor Waltz” for one of the new areas in the game.

“ikenie” is currently on Steam Greenlight and we are in the long, grueling process of waiting for it to get enough “YES” votes to be able to sell on the Steam Marketplace. So, we need everyone to check out the game’s page, watch the trailer, take a look at the screenshots, and give us a vote.

ikenie on Steam Greenlight (Vote Here!)

I’ll also be re-releasing the game’s soundtrack on Bandcamp as “ikenie Original Soundtrack Plus”. This new release will include all of the music from the game, including the new track “Death Manor Waltz”, a newly remastered version of “Witch’s Lair (bonus track)”, and brand new original back cover art that I had made especially for this release. The soundtrack will go on sale as soon as the game does, so look forward to that!

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ikenie Original Soundtrack

(Edit: The game was re-released in an expanded form since this post. I have re-released the soundtrack as well under the title “ikenie Original Soundtrack Plus”. This release includes a brand new track called “Death Manor Waltz” as well as a newly re-mastered version of the bonus track “Witch’s Lair”. The link below has been updated.)

I’m very happy to announce the release of a BRAND NEW VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK that I composed. “ikenie Original Soundtrack” came out on August 4th (which just happened to be my birthday)!

“ikenie” is a 2D action-adventure/puzzle game for PC featuring challenging and unique mechanics, multiple endings, and an original soundtrack composed by yours truly!

The game was created for this year’s Indie Game Maker Contest (IGMC) which has the developers make a game from start to finish in one month! I had a ton of fun working on this project and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

If you’d like to help us out, please check out our game via the link below.

You can play for free and vote for us if you liked it.

Download, play, and vote for “ikenie” here!

You can pick up the soundtrack from my Bandcamp page (link below). All of the music from the game is included plus an unused bonus track!

ikenie Original Soundtrack

Here are links to some websites that have reviewed the game:
JTRev23 Reviews
Cloud 9 Studios

Cover art

Cover art

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