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Hello everyone! My name is Chris Porter and I’m a composer of video game music from the U.S.

Welcome to my blog!

I intend to write this blog as a sort of journal, keeping track of the compositions I write as I’m writing them, both for fun and for game projects (and any others) that I’m working on. I’ll try to write in some detail what it is I’m doing while working on each composition. I haven’t decided exactly how I’ll do this, but I may talk a bit about the instruments I’m using, how the composing and recording process is going, things that are working, things that I’m struggling with, and maybe even post some works-in-progress so you all can hear how a composition evolves during the writing process.

If you’re interested in hearing some of my already completed work, please visit my Youtube or Soundcloud page. I also have an official website, a Facebook page, and a Google+ page. Please feel free to connect with me via any of those sources. You can find the web addresses in the “Links” section.

Thank you very much for reading and for your interest in my music.


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