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Interview in AJET Connect magazine!

I’m excited to announce that I was interviewed in this month’s special art issue of AJET Connect Magazine. The interview starts on page 22!

AJET Connect Magazine

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Lots of music yet to hear!

If it seems like I haven’t posted any new compositions in a while, it’s not because I haven’t been writing any. I’m busy writing for video games that aren’t released yet, so I’m not able to share the music publicly yet. I recently finished up the eighth track for a game I’m referring to as “Project 48” (just a code name until I can reveal its actual title). I’ve been working on this piece quite sporadically over the past few weeks, but I I finally finished the composition and mixed it. I got to put my new Slate (VCC and VMR) and u-he (Satin) plugins to good use.

On a related note, I just did a tally and I have written 23 tracks (even more if you count the short “jingles” for a small mobile game I’m working on) for games that aren’t released yet and that I haven’t shared publicly. For comparison’s sake, I have shared 19 tracks of non-video game music on my Soundcloud and Youtube. In conclusion, I have written more music that you haven’t heard than music that you have!

Lots of stuff to look forward to in the coming year. I can’t wait for you all to be able to finally play these games I’ve been working on.

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