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Flying Caveman! An Original Album

Back in January of 2015, I was composing the soundtrack for a little mobile indie game that never ended up getting finished or released. I’ve been sitting on that collection of five tracks for three years as of this month. I was always really happy with the music and thought they worked so well together, so I figured I might as well put them out as a kind of original album rather than piece them out to different projects, or even worse, let them sit on my hard drive forever, never to be heard by anyone.

To give the music context, I decided to write out the story of the caveman who decides he wants to fly, taking him through the various environments that the music represents, and use the text as the album cover (see below).

Here is a link to the album on my BandCamp page. Enjoy!

Flying Caveman! An Original Album by Chris Porter

Flying Caveman COVER


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YOMOTSU won first place in IGMC 2017!

The results just came in, and I found out that the game I scored for this year’s Indie Game Maker Contest just won first place! YOMOTSU is the third game that I’ve scored for Akumu Games, the others being ikenie and Room 42. I’m ecstatic right now and so proud of our game.

Don’t forget, you can pick up the YOMOTSU Original Game Soundtrack here:


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Teaser trailer for ROOM 42

After about a year of development, the first trailer for the game Room 42 is finally out! This game is being developed by Akumu Games (who, you may recall, made ikenie as well). I composed all of the music for Room 42 and will, of course, be releasing the original soundtrack on my Bandcamp when the game is out. I’m very excited for everyone to finally be able to play this!

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8Dio’s 2016 Stand Out Contest – “A Partial Memory”

8Dio’s 2016 Standout Contest is here!

For this year’s contest I decided to do something a little different. I wrote a simple theme using just a single instance of 8Dio’s beautiful music box instrument and nothing else. Doing this allowed me to focus on the most basic aspects of the music: the melody, the harmony, the chords, and how they all interact. I call this piece “A Partial Memory”, as music box themes always sound sad and nostalgic to me, like I’m listening to the fragmented memories of some person far gone from this world.

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New 16bit SNES-style track!

A couple of months ago the director of an RPG I’m writing the soundtrack for pitched an idea he had for a future game he wants to make. It is to be an RPG in a classic 16bit, Super Nintendo style. Although the game isn’t even in production yet, I decided to write a track using only authentic SNES sounds as a way to practice that style. This was a lot of fun to write and I hope we actually end up making this game. I’d love to write an entire soundtrack using only SNES sounds!

The track is called “Through the Bitslum!”. It has the feel of a slum district of an RPG city to me. Take a listen to here:

“Through the Bitslum!”

Soundcloud Milestone – 20,000 Plays

Since starting my Soundcloud account in January of 2014, my tracks have surpassed 20,000 plays! Honestly, I don’t know who is listening to my music or where they hear about it, but I’m glad that it’s being heard. Here’s to 20,000 more. 🙂

20,000 plays on Soundcloud

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Interview in AJET Connect magazine!

I’m excited to announce that I was interviewed in this month’s special art issue of AJET Connect Magazine. The interview starts on page 22!

AJET Connect Magazine

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Making the Transition and Setting goals

I’ve been reading some posts on composer Russell Bell’s blog. Since I am right in the middle of a career transition (or trying my hardest to transition) this is just what I needed to read.

Russell Bell Music | Ramblings from the coal face

A good friend of mine asked me recently about making a transition from one career to the next. This is something i can speak of and i think there is a core element of this movement that negates any previous vocation or position. That is to say, it doesnt matter what you’re currently doing, it matters where you want to end up.

Ill briefly explain where i was and then where i have ended up hoping that in some way, my words make some sense for you.I longed to be a composer for as long as i recall. Actually thats a lie, i wanted to be an active musician/ music maker in some capacity no matter what it took. So at the age of 15, we had a very special thing happen upon us at our secondary school.

We had a professional recording studio built onto the school. I mean…

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