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8Dio’s 2016 Stand Out Contest – “A Partial Memory”

8Dio’s 2016 Standout Contest is here!

For this year’s contest I decided to do something a little different. I wrote a simple theme using just a single instance of 8Dio’s beautiful music box instrument and nothing else. Doing this allowed me to focus on the most basic aspects of the music: the melody, the harmony, the chords, and how they all interact. I call this piece “A Partial Memory”, as music box themes always sound sad and nostalgic to me, like I’m listening to the fragmented memories of some person far gone from this world.

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“A Small Hope”

A friend of mine recently remarked that some of my compositions have a few too many instruments. I admit, I love writing a lot of parts. It’s challenging and really helps build interesting textures. However, I considered his comment and set off to write a piece with a small number of instruments. This piece contains strings (basses, cellos, violas, and violins), flute, oboe and guitar. All the instruments are from 8Dio. Chris and I both use and love their stuff! I wanted the strings to play dynamic chords while the woodwinds accompanied with floating melody and beautiful harmony. The guitar comes in during the third section to play picked chords over swelling strings that carry the piece to it’s end. I like the way this piece turned out and will try to write more music with fewer instruments from time to time.

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