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“Just Cause 3” Launch Trailer Competition

Square Enix is holding a competition to see who can create the best one to two minute launch trailer for their upcoming game “Just Cause 3”. Having never scored a trailer, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some experience doing just that, so I decided to give it a shot. I started by downloading the Just Cause 3 Creative Kit from the Just Cause 3 website. This basically consisted of a a bunch of video clips of varying lengths showcasing the gameplay. These are divided into folders based on the the type of gameplay the videos display, such as “shooting”, “planes”, “tanks”, etc. Also included were “Just Cause 3” logo with transparent backgrounds which could be used as an overlay on your trailer. Finally, there was a folder that contained a licensed music track that we were allowed to use if we didn’t want to create our own music for the trailer. Of course, I decided not to use the music provided and wrote my own music for it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when writing music for a trailer (or any piece of linear film) is timing. Your music has to compliment or augment what is happening on screen. When a composer is hired to score a movie or game trailer, most of the time they are given an already edited trailer that they then have to write to. However, since this contest allowed us to edit the video footage into our own unique trailer, I was able to approach this task from the opposite direction. I started by composing the music, and then edited the trailer to match it.

If you watch the trailer I made, you’ll notice that I edited the video so that the gunshots and explosions were in time with various percussion elements in the music. Specifically, in the ambient first section I timed the sniper shots and exploding cars with the deep bass drum. In the latter half, almost all of the explosions are timed with the cymbal crashes of the drum track. By doing this, I hoped to create a feeling of the percussion acting, in a way, as sound effects for the action on screen, while still remaining an organic part of the music. Whether I succeeded or not is in the eyes and ears of the viewer, but it was definitely a fun way to approach making this trailer.

The elements I used in the music consisted of an organic drone with rhythmic stutter effects in the beginning section; an electric guitar drone that stays constant throughout the second half as high and low strings come in mainly playing a steady but intense ostinatum pattern. These are joined by a mid-high range synth playing a simple harmony accompaniment to the strings as well as a distorted electric guitar playing deep power chord chugs; and of course the brooding bass drum hits in the opening section, and the drum kit keeping the action going throughout the latter half.

The submission deadline for the contest is November 12th, 2015 and I believe they will be announcing the winners on November 20th. According to the website, there will be an overall winner, a winner for “Best Action”, “Best Use of Audio”, and “Best Humor”. If I don’t win the best overall, it would be really cool to win the “Best Use of Audio” category. There are a lot of really great trailers being submitted, so competition is stiff. We’ll see though! Either way, it was a fun experience and I hope I get the opportunity to score more trailers in the future.

Watch my trailer below:

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ikenie Original Soundtrack

(Edit: The game was re-released in an expanded form since this post. I have re-released the soundtrack as well under the title “ikenie Original Soundtrack Plus”. This release includes a brand new track called “Death Manor Waltz” as well as a newly re-mastered version of the bonus track “Witch’s Lair”. The link below has been updated.)

I’m very happy to announce the release of a BRAND NEW VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK that I composed. “ikenie Original Soundtrack” came out on August 4th (which just happened to be my birthday)!

“ikenie” is a 2D action-adventure/puzzle game for PC featuring challenging and unique mechanics, multiple endings, and an original soundtrack composed by yours truly!

The game was created for this year’s Indie Game Maker Contest (IGMC) which has the developers make a game from start to finish in one month! I had a ton of fun working on this project and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

If you’d like to help us out, please check out our game via the link below.

You can play for free and vote for us if you liked it.

Download, play, and vote for “ikenie” here!

You can pick up the soundtrack from my Bandcamp page (link below). All of the music from the game is included plus an unused bonus track!

ikenie Original Soundtrack

Here are links to some websites that have reviewed the game:
JTRev23 Reviews
Cloud 9 Studios

Cover art

Cover art

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Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack Now On YouTube!

I just uploaded the full Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack to YouTube. Have a listen if you haven’t heard it yet 🙂

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Flying Cavemen – “Ocean Theme”

Here’s another new track that I wrote for Flying Cavemen. After the cavemen flies over the desert and forest he’ll eventually reach the ocean. This music will play when he’s flying over it. Enjoy!

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Flying Cavemen – “Forest Theme”

Here’s another track from Flying Cavemen that I’ve been working on. As the cavemen are flying through the air they will eventually reach new environments. This music will play when the caveman enters the forest background. Enjoy!

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Flying Cavemen “Desert Theme”

As I mentioned before I’m currently writing the soundtrack to a game called Flying Cavemen being developed by Deeep Games. You are a caveman that wants to fly, so the goal of the game is to launch yourself from a catapult, flap your arms, collect powerups, and try to get as much distance as you can. The game starts out in a desert setting and this is the music I wrote for that section. Take a listen!

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Bird Hunter! The Game and Original Soundtrack!

I am very happy to announce that my very first game and soundtrack have been released! I joined the team at Deeep Games a couple of months ago and wrote the music and created the sound effects for a mobile game (Android only) called Bird Hunter. We have finished the game and it is out now on Google Play Store. I hope all of you with Android devices will go check it out. Enjoy!

Bird Hunter (game)

I have also released the Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack. It is available on Bandcamp for “Name Your Price” (free if you’d like). It includes the main BGM track “The Great Outdoors”, as well as all nine of the short jingles that accent the gameplay. It would mean the world to me if you’d check it out. This soundtrack is just the first of many to come, as I have more game projects in the works right now.

Thank you so much for your continued support as I embark on this crazy, musical journey to become a game composer.

Bird Hunter Original Soundtrack

Bird Hunter
With the help of your trusty blood hound, your task is to shoot the birds in order to gain points! Be conservative of your ammunition however, once it’s gone it gives the bird chance to escape! Don’t forget to be quick too! Letting a bird fly away will greatly affect your score and will reduce the multiplier.

Try your best to hit all the birds and get the highest score you can! Compete against friends and show them you’re the better hunter on the Android leaderboards and with achievements! Hitting birds consecutively will also earn you a multiplier bonus! So aim true!

Bird Hunter is a free to play game with the option to pay and support the developers/remove ads, look for the full version for more information. Don’t get left out and join the hunt today!

Disclaimer – No animals were hurt in the making of this game, however 2 turtles lost their way, a rabbit was shouted at, a duck was highly confused and several rocks were sent to counseling having received insults.

*requires gyroscope to fully function


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Bird Hunter

A couple months back I joined a team called Deeep Games (that’s three of the letter “e”) that was developing a handheld game similar to the classic Duck Hunt on NES. This is an original take on that game with brand new original art work and lots of fun gameplay features, such as competing with friends’ scores online, hit multipliers, and being able to shoot the dog! I wrote the background music for the core gameplay and I also wrote a number of short jingles for various parts of the game. For example, game start, round start, round end, game over, getting a perfect score, etc. Most surprising of all is that I actually created all of the game’s sound effects too. I had no experience at all with making sound effects, but I wanted to give it a shot. It turned out to be a fun experience and I think they turned out pretty good. While sound effects are not something I’d necessarily like to focus on in the future, it’s good to know that I can do it if it’s ever necessary.

Anyway, the game is almost done. It should be released in just a couple of days if all the last minute implementation goes smoothly. The game will be free to download but will have a few advertisements. There will also be a paid version available without ads. I’ll write here again with a link to where you can get the game when it’s officially out!

Here’s Deeep Games’ website:

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Flying Cavemen: Play an alpha build and hear my music!

As you know, I’ve been working on a number of game soundtracks over the past two years. All of them are still in development, so until now I haven’t been able to publicly share any of the games or their music. However, I’ve recently started working on a game called “Flying Cavemen” and the developers (Deeep Games) encouraged me to share the BGM track I wrote for the game and get feedback. I’m FINALLY sharing some actual game music with you all!

The story goes: “One day a caveman looks up at a flying dinosaur in the sky and becomes curious about flight. The caveman constructs a catapult in order to discover the secrets of flight.”

The goal of the game is to launch your cavemen from the catapult and get as much distance as you can, flapping your arms and collecting powerups to increase your stamina to continue flapping. The game is in a pre-Alpha stage with placeholder art, but the core gameplay mechanics are starting to shape up. The music itself is also just a demo and I will extend it for the final game. 🙂

PLAY THE GAME HERE! It’s a very early version, but the core gameplay is starting to take shape. You can play it right in your browser. Just wait for the page to load.


If you’d like, you can listen to the track below, but I encourage you to check out the alpha build of the game via the link above so you can play it and hear the music in context. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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Lots of music yet to hear!

If it seems like I haven’t posted any new compositions in a while, it’s not because I haven’t been writing any. I’m busy writing for video games that aren’t released yet, so I’m not able to share the music publicly yet. I recently finished up the eighth track for a game I’m referring to as “Project 48” (just a code name until I can reveal its actual title). I’ve been working on this piece quite sporadically over the past few weeks, but I I finally finished the composition and mixed it. I got to put my new Slate (VCC and VMR) and u-he (Satin) plugins to good use.

On a related note, I just did a tally and I have written 23 tracks (even more if you count the short “jingles” for a small mobile game I’m working on) for games that aren’t released yet and that I haven’t shared publicly. For comparison’s sake, I have shared 19 tracks of non-video game music on my Soundcloud and Youtube. In conclusion, I have written more music that you haven’t heard than music that you have!

Lots of stuff to look forward to in the coming year. I can’t wait for you all to be able to finally play these games I’ve been working on.

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