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Tribute Album 64 (9.29.16)

I’m very happy to announce the upcoming release of a new video game music remix album I took part in, Tribute Album 64. The Nintendo 64 was released 20 years ago, so to pay tribute to this classic console, a huge number of people got together and arranged an absolutely massive number of tracks from N64 games. As for my contribution, it’s a track from a certain well-known first-person shooter from Rare…and I’m not talking about Goldeneye! That’s right, Perfect Dark. I arranged the “Institute Menu” theme, and I had a blast doing it.

The album will be released on September 29th and will be absolutely free to download. Like the page linked here to show the project some love and also stay up to date on details as they’re announced.

TA64 2TA64 1

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New Music “That Morning in the Village”

I wrote this music with the image of a peaceful village in the early morning when everyone is waking up and beginning their day. I hoped to give it an RPG town theme feel reminiscent of 16 and 32 bit era games.

Just as “Among the Forest Creatures” was written exclusively with instruments from Forest Kingdom II, this one I only used instruments from Era II Medieval Legends 🙂



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Brand New Track! “Among the Forest Creatures”

I just finished writing a new composition called “Among the Forest Creatures”. It’s a short RPG forest style track that makes use of two harps (acoustic and electric), various flutes and other woodwinds, and a variety of percussion instruments.

For you composers out there, you may be interested to know that I used only instruments from Eduardo Tarilonte’s wonderful “Forest Kingdom II”. I mixed it with Slate Digital’s VMR and VCC, U-He’s Satin, and finally limited with Waves L2.

Take a listen!

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“Super VG Christmas Party” now available!

Get it here for FREE! The track I arranged is “Village of Snow” from the game Soma Bringer (number 6 on the album). Enjoy!

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Two brand new compositions!

“Path of the Triumphant”

A cinematic piece that begins with an intimate, mysterious piano motif played over light orchestral percussion. This segues into a brief tension filled string section which then resolves into a full triumphant orchestral finale. As the final notes of the orchestra fade the piece ends as it began with the piano motif played once more.



“The Fine Print”

A somewhat experimental piece for me in a kind of jazz style. Featuring three guitars, bass guitar, a jazz kit, piano, vibraphone, trumpet, and french horn.



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“A Small Hope”

A friend of mine recently remarked that some of my compositions have a few too many instruments. I admit, I love writing a lot of parts. It’s challenging and really helps build interesting textures. However, I considered his comment and set off to write a piece with a small number of instruments. This piece contains strings (basses, cellos, violas, and violins), flute, oboe and guitar. All the instruments are from 8Dio. Chris and I both use and love their stuff! I wanted the strings to play dynamic chords while the woodwinds accompanied with floating melody and beautiful harmony. The guitar comes in during the third section to play picked chords over swelling strings that carry the piece to it’s end. I like the way this piece turned out and will try to write more music with fewer instruments from time to time.

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