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“Project SMR” – Three more tracks done!

Since I can’t name the game that I’m working on, and because I don’t want to keep calling it “the new game”, I’m going to start referring to this game as “Project SMR”. This will refer to the game that I’m working on with my friends back home in Michigan.

Anyway, I finished three more character select screen themes since the last time I updated the blog. As before, each of these tracks are vastly different in style and it’s been a great challenge to take on. I’m happy with all of them, but there are a few that I wrote that I’m super excited for you all to hear.

Writing in such a variety of styles has allowed me to experiment with all sorts of instruments and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve used acoustic guitars, electric guitars (clean and distorted), bass guitars, banjos, violins, drum kits, a brass band ensemble, timpani and other tuned percussion, as well as all kinds of synth sounds. This is definitely one project that never gets boring for me in the composition department.

As always, I’ll try to keep you up to date on what I’ve been doing. Sorry for the lack of specific details for the project, but I can’t spoil the game before it’s even made! You understand, right?

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Three tracks for new game done!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started working on a new game (hereafter referred to as “Project SMR”). While I won’t be able to share the tracks with you as I’m writing and completing them, I’d like to update the blog as I progress nonetheless.

I currently working on the character themes for the character select screen. Each character’s theme is vastly different from the next, so it’s been a good exercise in versatility for me. I’m writing in styles I generally don’t write in and it’s been a fun challenge for me. I’m also learning more about my software and plugins, since mixing with instruments I’m not as familiar with requires a different approach than I’m used to. I generally will “complete” a mix, and move on to the next track. After I complete that track, I realize that the mix is vastly better than the previous track’s mix, so I have to go back and bring that track up to par with the new one. It’s kind of a time-consuming cycle, but I’m learning more as I go, and eventually I’ll get it right the first time and won’t have to backtrack…hopefully.

I’ve finished three themes so far will start the next one this weekend.

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